Technical dialogue with the founder of the roots of Mohamed Abdel Halim

Beginning, welcome to Mohamed Abdel Halim, the founder of the roots, in this technical dialogue on the technical site 24.

Hello brother Tariq.

Can you give us a brief about you and your bike?

I am Muhammad Abdul Halim from Egypt ( tanta ) developer of WordPress WordPress, the duties of a front-facing Frontend interfaces background of the Backend (by Node.js).

She graduated from the Faculty of agricultural Engineering, University of mansoura, where was my field of study of Mechanics of agricultural machinery, then I started to learn programming in the language PHP and I’m talking in the third year.

Where to the programming is far from my field of study in college, but I loved math, so I ask the programming and then learned the development of front-ends, and then sweating more in the language of JavaScript development using Node.js.

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How and when did roots? Tell us the story of the beginning of roots? – Was it fun? Or successful in the first place?

The roots started from the house (home) ๐Ÿ™‚ is out of office any individual in the community, after graduating from college I have gained experience considered rather good in PHP language.

And of course after graduation have optimism high to focus more on the programming and evaluation of the CV to some companies to work out, but after a while I knew I would join the army changed things for me because the service was 3 years, with the rank of reserve officer.

But I took things in reverse and were more focused on gaining more experience and learning more, after the expiration of the military service applied to some companies already started to work in a particular company have gained more experience I then moved to another company.

So where do the roots of this story? The story began with my brother Ahmed Abdel Halim (designer brands, web, digital lines) where he worked with some of the companies but of the region.

Sale ourselves: why don’t we work together in the name of our own instead of working in the companies we focus our efforts in our own company, and that was the beginning.

What is Your objective of establishing roots?

We offer as a team, the roots of the following:

  • Design and development of brands.
  • Design and development of digital fonts other Typography in general.
  • Design and programming of templates WordPress.
  • Software add-ons to WordPress.
  • Design application interfaces, front.
  • Application programming interfaces wallpaper by Node.js.

We see that the roots do not a large audience in the media, how is publicity and publicity to the roots of it?

Through our actions, the good and the cast impress everyone is waiting for the quick and also offer free products to support Arabic content. both in terms of digital lines (the line of the roots of the + line flat) and also the scripts and add-ons to WordPress designs and more free in general.

This all depends shop to indirectly to us as a team, use the roots, and also get everyone to try our services Free to become an agent for our for products paid, the most notable example is the line of flats where there are free version and paid.

What is profit model my own roots? Or in other words how to win the material through the roots?

Through our own products on the market Themeforest + CodeCanyon a templates and add-ons to WordPress, and also by the products of the digital lines paid + services on the one hand the development of the brand as well as the design and development of lines number of private companies.

The roots of success and through its services provided, one of which are designed for telecom, what is the secret of this success? And what have the future after this success?

Already we have developed the identity of the journal in expanded we are very pleased to work on this project, there’s no secret as I said earlier, we are focused on our well to worthy of the worth and work of our and also.

Because of the good work raise the value of the roots of the first and also the value of the company you’re doing any project.

For the purchase of telecom Egypt, this was a proposal only by us not the actual we did it for the company directly, but we wanted to offer the logo of the company is a good fit for the history of the company, and thankfully the proposal won the admiration of followers.

As the number of team roots? How do you expect fighting among you?

Team roots consisting of 3 people:

  1. Mohammed Abdul Halim -founder and Team Manager- โ€œthe developer of WordPress WordPress, the duties of a front-facing Frontend, interfaces background of the Backend (by Node.js)โ€
  2. Ahmed Abdel-Halim, co – founder of the โ€œdesigner brands, web, digital linesโ€
  3. Mahmoud Abdel-Halim -Technical Support- โ€œWeb -training.โ€œ

Why did you choose the name of roots? How also the idea of this name?

Choose the name of the root of manifest origin (authenticity) because we started the company from home.

ุฎุท ุฌุฐูˆุฑ
The line of the roots

Plan roots and flat from the months of the Arabic fonts and used heavily, what made the two sleep in this month?

Because the lines were delivered in very good time the Arab community, where there was a collection of fonts widely spoken and used on those lines or in other words sick of repeating the use of those fonts, fonts other possible driven.

So this was the most appropriate time to introduce new lines and different from what is present, we started out withthe line of roots and then the line flat and has a free version and a paid, and we are currently working on some other fonts that will be offered soon.

What’s the reason for your focus on free fonts Arabic? What is your upcoming project in this area?

The plan in general is an important and very to anything around us, both in web โ€“ and mobile โ€“ ads etc. in case our lines of distinctive and different for everyone helps in the development of the WIPO Arab already and also increases the value of the group the roots.

We always give more options to the community the Arabs on the one hand the number of fonts available, and always strive to increase their lines coming in the future.

What is the source of funding own roots? Does it support others? Or the financing of another?

There is no source of funding as identified above, we offer products and services driven by both templates and add-ons to WordPress or digital lines and scrolls ready for use.

This helps us to provide free products also the most important support we get is encourage everyone and their comments on any product we offer, whether free or paid.

Are you planning to learn more in the areas of work of the roots? What are the new areas that they plan to work in the future?

Currently no, but we plan to add design services offers video presentations (video design motion graphic) didn’t do anything new after about this step, but we have and we will work them and submit them as a service we have in Sha Allah.

In the end, the final word and what is your advice for anyone who wants to start his own project?

My advice is to focus well on work because of the company’s business is she talking on behalf of her team and is considered free publicity for the company, good work always brings a good agent who appreciates the value of the company’s work, and I wish everyone success.

Thank you brother Tariq and thank you for the technique of 24, I had the privilege to talk with you.

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