Technical dialogue with husam Abdul of team Lily mushroom Liliom solutions web

Welcome to our dear readers, with us today hossam Abdel leading member of the team Lily mushroom Liliom amount in a technical dialogue interesting about the team at web solutions is different.

1 – Welcome to hossam Abdel in this dialogue on the technical site 24, we want to get to know Lily mushroom Liliom in a nutshell and the services they offer.

Lily charges Liliom is a technology company or as we call it (Digital Creative Studio) in Lily’s fee we are not just a company providing technical services, but we also provide the products of creative or as we call it “lily of the lily genome” helps the user to accomplish their business experience use unique.

And the other side of lily genome is “Liliom Studio” which is a section made by Lily fee Service, their technical to anyone who has an idea wants to end it and turning it into a reality, team Lily charges the level of faith and work.

We currently focus on in “Liliom Studio” to provide the following services:

  1. Mobile applications development (Android, IOS)
  2. The development of the sites and the web: which services include the Front-End to the Back-end and deal with content management systems to programming. (PHP, Laravel, Vue.Js, Front-End, WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Angular, React, Ionic, )
  3. The design of the user interface (UI\UX Design), which starts from the study of experience of use of the project to the output interfaces final.
  4. The embroidered graphic “Motion graphics”: we started providing this service in mid-2017 our customers who work with us, we will provide this service to everyone with all the new for Lily mushroom
2. How was the beginning of lily’s fee Liliom is? From the author of the idea and how it reflect the reality?

In 2014 I decided to start the gospel project personal profile with my business career and started as the sapphire was thought initially to be the Yakut call the development and design of templates WordPress and HTML, but after a while I became asked to work on special projects coming in and you accept the work.

In 2016 we decided to change the company’s objectives and orientation of the studio to create the templates to a company offering products to help individuals and companies accomplish their business easily professional, and their technical services and emerging entrepreneurs that are looking for quality work and deal, so we decided to go in a new spirit and a new name ” Lily fee “.

In the beginning we were working on after the “room of sleep” and the panel producer in Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. In 2017 met with Mohammed pediment which is today the co-founder of the lily and Zia naqshbandi , “the project manager and team leader” so we decided to expand from Lilly charges more and increase production, product development, Lilly fee, so we moved to the system office next to the system of remote work and currently working from the company’s headquarters in Istanbul.

3. as a member of the team? And operating system work remote or system office work?

Our team consisting of 13 people, 8 of them system to work with my office and 5 of them from a distance, from several different cultures, “Syria, Egypt, Turkey, France, America.”

4-Lily fee Liliom, the name is easy to remember and weird a little bit, what are the scenes you choose for this name?

We were working in 2014 under the name of sapphire, we have encountered some problems with the name because of its availability in abundance in Arabic content, so we were looking for an alternative name carries the impression of beautiful and wonderful.

Always like products Lily mushroom plants and most of the time used to ellon, a day for example, it takes the color of aloe vera and the team refers to him as casting Leila and always like team Lily mushroom company that helps Lily to our prosperity and “photosynthesis”, that’s why we were looking for the name of a unique flower, then tell us the flower of the lily “Lily fee Liliom” because its easy and also in most of the languages of the lily genome is the lily flower.

5-Lily fee Liliom own clients are very special such as the location of the answer to my Foundation, suhail, how are you marketing yourselves? How do you know people on the lily mushrooms?
جوابي Jwabi

My answer Jwabi

This point has a special character positive I have is that since the business started we didn’t drive, never on any platform, electronic or live, so our projects are marketed to us on behalf of.

All of our idea by a former client coryza when or this Customer use of our products as mobile or website and was impressed to grant us out of the hand of the user experience such as or other, and so on.

6-How is your project new build is? When we witness the official launch of the project and possible more details about him and about his work?

Been Beeild

Bed is another of our projects is like the spoiled little baby at the moment. The conditions are going well the starting will be over the coming months, as is the motto of the build “you create, we build” we are currently working on creating a unique experience for the user during the creation of its own site.

7. We note that platforms provide free such as a day, the duties of what is profit model my own Lily mushroom Liliom within and outside this organization?

Currently there is no profits from these projects are now under Plan “A” when we moved to plan “B” we will start running a profit is simple to cover the expenses of the project itself.

8. What are the difficulties and obstacles that you face periodically when working on any project? And how to avoid fully meeting it?

Of hard, and often at work the calves: apply to us client have in the draft is fine in terms of magnitude and in record time, and here lies the task of our project manager it is his duty to schedule a time-bound Programme on the level of day, week, month and year also, and the distribution of tasks to the appropriate people and identify the tasks to them and follow their step-by-step to completion of the project.

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It is difficult and also the client which is not aware of the interaction between business and the reserve here, simply trying to make it clear to the customer the difference between the commercial products and products standby if we get to the point of Understanding between us get to work if we don’t think about work.

Obstacles also that the density of projects that we need soldiers with a Recruit secured to the cause of success and shine nightclub fees and efforts under the banner of our currently their number is not sufficient as we have previously reported 13 people. We are now looking for people incompetent to work with us as we published in the Declaration of employment since a period of here.

9-did you stop providing content in the blog Lily mushroom Liliom is? And why? Is there a chance to re-resurrect?

Obviously you follow us well this is something I am really pleased, currently there’s a bit of pressure at work and the cadres, and in the near future we will work more strongly with the permission of God.

10-finally, by your experience, what is your advice to the client free (Freelancer) in any field on the net to achieve success in the field?

According to our experience the average range in this area which exceeded four and a half years:

  • Marketing to marketing, make sure that you know your business in all over the place and engage others and to talk about it, and make sure that you have the code before knowing the business or youtube channel to participate through their experiences and learn about the things that you learn from your perspective, it will help you market yourself heavily.
  • I advise them to comply with delivery dates with the client, this interface is free for customers “when we help our clients why did you choose Lily’s fee and not deal with independently, so the answer is we don’t want to risk with someone who doesn’t guarantee us anything and may not meet the time”.
  • Museums in the learning and development in their specialty as you know these Terms of reference in the evolution of the level if focused competent to work only without the emphasis on learning and development then there comes to him day and finds himself out of tune.
  • Take information from everything. for example “you’re a designer, learn front-end and back-end also” will this helps you to understand things more and will change your perspective of many things, but specialization in a particular field because each field of the sea itself and follow him and set sail prescient.

Don’t want to stretch them more than that. in fact I have heard a lot in talking with you I was hoping you dwell more than that, Thank you for your.

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