Technical artificial intelligence from Adobe to check if the features of the face image a modified

تقنية ذكاء اصطناعي من أدوبي للتعرف إذا كانت ملامح الوجه بالصورة معدلة

A team of Adobe company, researchers from the University of Berkeley American access method using artificial intelligence techniques to the features of faces in the image and whether those features modified by using computer programs and the modification or natural.

Because of the presence of techniques and different programs to get images from the rich program for the definition, Photoshop, spread the phenomenon around the world led by the people by amendment to the facial features in the images that they published, especially those pictures on the main accounts, giving an unreal picture of them.

And adopt new technology that was reached by team Adobe to know which images to use a feature Face Away Liquify and existing mainly in Photoshop, and to make adjustments to the shape and color of the eyes, the nose, the understanding, the why and other things. Thus will appear the new technology any of the pictures 100% genuine and which has been modified in order to restore confidence among the digital world as explained by the panel.

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