Teaser from Valve’s new version of the system of virtual reality

Use company Valve to reveal a new version of the system of virtual reality during the month of May next, where the company has published a teaser confirming through on the disclosure of more details about this release in the month of May.

Valve Teases New VR Headset

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Revealed Valve from the first official images of its issuance of a law from the system of virtual reality, where projections indicate that the next version will بValve Index.

And the teaser for the glasses to reveal more details about this release during the month of May, so I didn’t come to Valve in any detail in this teaser.

Have indicated leaks during the financial period that the Valve is preparing to launch released the special system of virtual reality, as the company began to develop some gaming with virtual reality also, which was confirmed by Gabe Newell through e-mail to users.

Also in other details it was also noted that Valve is working on controllers are compatible with the new version of the system of virtual reality.

Recall that the of the biggest rumors about the games that are developed now through the Valve, the company plans to launch the game Half-Life new, is expected to disclose details of the new games also in the month of May next.


I know of

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