Team DxOMark being an update to review the LG phone V40 ThinQ, and can point higher

LG V40 ThinQ

Team published DxOMark specialized in testing cameras in today’s smartphones an update to the review carried out by the phone LG V40 ThinQ resulting in the increase of the total score obtained this phone to 94 points, this means an increase of about 1 point of original score obtained by this phone. Group decided DxOMark update of the audit conducted by the phone LG V40 ThinQ when he found out an error in one of his tests.

The result of the subsidiary that led to the change of the total score of the phone belonging to the exposure of the ” Exposure ” which was increased from 83 to 88, which contributed to raise the overall score for the test capture audio from 96 to 98, and therefore this in turn led to raise the overall score of the phone by a small margin.

In the end, IT team DxOMark LG phone V40 ThinQ due to exposure to flour in indoor environments but was not impressed too much exposure in the open air. The panel accepts that the colors are lively and fun, and the details are provided well in the stills that are taken abroad. Generally, if you are interested to rear camera for phone LG V40 ThinQ and want to know more about them and find out how it performed in the tests, we suggest you stop to review of your phone on the DxOMark site from the source link below.


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