Team DisplayMate prevents screen pixel 4 rating of A+ as the best phone screen

I don’t know Google traditionally provide the best screen phones its smart, but with phone Pixel 4, it seems that things have changed for the better.

The company said in its conference and express it phone it comes with the best screen ever, and the DisplayMate nice phone rating A+ in terms of the screen, and is the highest score possible.

Describe the DisplayMate pixel screen 4 as “visually indistinguishable from perfect”, which is a common phrase used by, and the praise of the great.

The team behind DisplayMate praised the precision color Company, and the brightness and the refresh rate high, which is the important factors have contributed to the improvement of the user experience.

In general, I got the screen of pixels 4 on the top grade of A+ from the DisplayMate by providing much better performance from smartphones and other competition, and it is not unusual at all to crash a pioneer of this record, but it’s reassuring to know that Google finally competes on this front.

Source: DisplayMate

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