TCL will begin production of OLED screens flexible in the fourth quarter of this year

TCL Flexible OLED

Promise our company TCL in the month of February by phones folding in the next few years, and is now beginning the implementation of the critical first step in achieving that. In fact, I have a company TCL purchased the equipment LTPS from Japan and South Korea for use in its factory located in Wuhan city of China, which is the source from where it is expected that the company will begin to manufacture AMOLED screens flexible by the fourth quarter of this year with the understanding that he will oversee the manufacturing process of the entire by the department in charge of the screens that you call the company name Huaxing optoelectronic.

The company said TCL is confident of achieving Huaxing optoelectronic grow double-digit at the level of annual sales and profits. The production of LTPS-LCD during the first quarter of this year to US $ 27.2 billion, to achieve that ranked second in the world among companies that own only one plant. The company also said it reached a deal with ” some of the manufacturers for high end smartphones “.

Aim TCL Group to the destabilization of the situation not only in the smartphone market, but in the smart TV market also. It should be noted that there were reports earlier this year hinted that we will likely see TVs smart new Huawei where the frequency that the company Huaxing Optoelectronics will manufacture the screen to your TV Huawei the adult size of 65 inch, in a while you will see a company BOE on the manufacture of the screen of the TV old its size 55 inch. In case you haven’t heard about BOE before, they are a Chinese company specialized in tea industry with the knowledge that they already drink on the manufacture of screens for Phones Huawei, including the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


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