TCL unveils model for folding of three young

The company disclosed the TCL Chinese model initial phone its folding three screens which bend in two places and a value of 10 inches.

Began to makers of phones collapsible in raising the level of betting via a new Several they can bend in different directions multiple.

And TCL as a manufacturer company and television sets, but they also produce smart phones under the brand Alcatel, and BlackBerry and Palm.

The police continue the development of this phone that has the hinges multiple form of the letter “Z” when folded, and a screen measuring 10 inches when fully opened.

No device is currently an official name or price or release date is available, as it doesn’t have the screen working, but as mentioned by CNET, the manufacturer – TCL – planning to enter the world of smart phones folding across a number of different designs.

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In the case of issuing company for such a phone the phone rollaway three young women will face the challenge of doubling those encountered by flip phones dual screen, especially how to protect the screen during folding of the device frequently.

The device features two hinges DragonHinges your company, which is the most prominent thing in the phone is TCL, so that they move in different directions, to the side of the four cameras background of the front camera port USB charger-C, without the presence of the headphone port of measuring 3.5 mm.

The company reported earlier that it hopes to launch the device by folding by 2020, but will face a lot of competition when it comes to hardware folding, since I got a device Huawei rollaway Mate X on the date of the formal launch next month, priced at $ 2400 USD.

While the machine is folding the only one currently available to consumers is the Galaxy Fuld Galaxy Fold from Samsung, which costs 1980 dollars.

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