TCL takes treatment of Palm with a smart phone new unique design

At the beginning of the time of mobile phones by more than 20 years, the market was monopolized by a few companies, such as Nokia. It is the renowned names in the market remember the company “Palm” Palm American that has been specialized in the manufacture of devices is the personal digital assistant PDA such as PalmPilot, which was considered the first PDA was marketed all over the world successfully, in addition to a Treo 600, one of the early smart phones.

In 2010, he announced the “death” of the company Palm, so with the beginning of a new era for smartphones. Then ago of 18 years, before we call in the month of March/last March that the company TCL is working on a smartphone running Android will Brand Buy Palm.

Today officially announced the device to the Palm, which is described as a compromise it is bigger than smart watches and smaller than current smart phones, has been designed to be a new kind of phones that can be used along with your smartphone the main.

And phone Palm new weight of not more than about 62.5 grams, LCD screen measuring 3.3 inches, processor Snapdragon 435, the memory random access “RAM” size of 3 GB, and internal storage capacity of 32 GB. It also offers the device a rear camera with 12 megapixels and a front camera accurately 8 megapixels.

While the phone is running 8.1 Oreo of the Android system, it provides user interface is unique and not like other Android phones, there’s no home screen as usual, coming applications in the form of bubbles can be accessed by dragging the finger on the screen.

And phone Palm new it comes with a side button operation and one button on the interface, which allows users to refer to the cell by clicking on it once, and move on to the main screen by double-clicking and another application of pressure prolonged. How can access to Google smartphone by double-tap on the power button.

Offers phone also has a characteristic “mode of life” Life Mode, which comes in the form of a palm tree between the options to activate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This mode as battery power and not hassle with, also works as fly as prevents communication.

It should be noted that a phone Palm now exclusive to buy American Communications Verizon that will sell it at a price of 349 USD.

What do you think the phone’s Palm’s? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

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