Tambov region to get its own cryptocurrency

Yesterday the mayor said there are no plans to create the city of cryptocurrency. According to Sergei Sobyanin, the government now does bloccano, and the first project on this technology already implemented. Tambov oblast that doesn’t bother the administration of the region wants to start Tambov landrain.

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The decision was announced by the Governor of the Tambov region at the international investment forum in Sochi, reports RIA. The project — the value of land resources to attract investors.

This is the idea of creating Tambov landline. In this project, the issue of land as a resource for attracting investment. The approach to this needs to be very careful, but at the same time to hesitate we’re not going.

Again, affects the problem of the lack of legislation.

There is need of some some support from those who are today engaged in the topic of cryptocurrency experts. We should know clearly that all relevant Russian legislation, complies with the legal requirements associated with investments, including foreign.

Alexander Nikitin called the topic of cryptocurrency “spicy”. This project is already interested in.

Our proposal received a very interesting support, at least interest – from the chamber of Commerce. We agreed that in the near future will meet the Commission at the site of the chamber of Commerce, and we will consider this project.

The Governor and his associates confidence in a cryptocurrency is not.

But the last word and legal expertise, and experts in this new but very important topic in our lives.

The details of the job Tambov landline Nikitin is not shared. Would it be possible to pay them in Moscow or other regions is unknown.

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