Talks with MediaTek, Apple and Samsung. Its chips are the flagships and machines


On chipsets MediaTek is widely known to all interested in mobile technologies, many are based very inexpensive, but quite efficient smartphones. New message indicates that the company will develop its proposed components in a direction that will allow the chip to find a use in top-end smart phones and cars. Moreover, it is also reported about the ongoing negotiations MediaTek with such leaders of the market of smart phones like Apple and Samsung.

As reported, referring to the Digitimes, Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) in the published resource note, MediaTek wants its chips were equipped with smartphones high-end class. The Taiwanese chip maker is negotiating with those producing the most relevant of all the time in the Telegram-channel smart phones by companies like Apple and Samsung, in search of “opportunities of cooperation in business.” MediaTek is already known as a supplier of components is quite high class for the budget products and is now seeking to market flagships.

MediaTek will be to create a flagship chips with support of artificial intelligence

It is noted that the addition of the proposed company MediaTek chipsets including the latest features like support of artificial intelligence, can make interesting it was developing components for smartphones class high-end. The lack of these opportunities is probably the reason why the flagship MediaTek chip Helio X30 did not get sufficient popularity, which leads to the cessation of development and production of chipsets Helio X.

MediaTek plans to create chips with support of artificial intelligence for different devices — computers, communications equipment, consumer electronics and cars. It should be noted that to date, the company MediaTek will have to consider the fact that some vendors of smart phones already have developed our own artificial intelligence technology, which was used in their chipsets. A mobile platform Qualcomm incredibly strong in available on the US market smart phones.

MediaTek Helio P90 thanks to its artificial intelligence provides a quality picture with a smartphone middle class

MediaTek Helio P90

If we talk about artificial intelligence, you must also remember that recently the company MediaTek has been presented already showed their potential chipset Helio P90 for smartphones middle class. Manufactured in accordance with a 12-nanometer process, the new chipset is equipped with multi-core computing component to task artificial intelligence (APU), which provides four times the performance of artificial intelligence in comparison with chips P60 and P70. APU will give vendors of smartphones tremendous opportunity to provide consumers with the ability to shoot high quality photos with more affordable smartphones.

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