Take the above: Bitcoin will rise to 10 thousand dollars in the near time

Bitcoin has managed in a few hours to overcome the resistance at the level of 6400 dollars and go up. The main cryptocurrency has formed a new yearly high and seems to be preparing for testing of the line $ 7,000. According to analyst max Kaiser, this boundary is not the limit — in a short time BTC is going to jump up to 10 thousand dollars.

Short way to the moon

Lunch today Bitcoin is trading at $ 6800. For the past day assets grew by 7.9 percent, and its market capitalization has reached $ 120 billion.

We will remind, on may 9 the main cryptocurrency for the first time in the past six months came back to around $ 6,000. Some time later, after breaking this level the asset is not lost bullish momentum and is already preparing for the “storm” line is $ 7,000.

With the price of Bitcoin is growing and its index of dominance — he is now at 58 per cent, a record December 2017. The holders altcoins are not to be envied, most coins are falling in trading pairs with BTC.

Pump main cryptocurrency reflected in tweets, cryptocommunist. More and more people starts to believe in the coming bullrun and x’s. For example, an analyst Max Keiser expects to increase to 10 thousand dollars. According to him, the current market price of BTC to this level at hand.

The Kaiser joined the Civic founder Vinny Lingham.

If Bitcoin can hold a level of $ 6,200 in the next 24-48 hours, then the bear market officially ended, and I turn on the side of the bulls!

However, the success of captainvalor haunt US Congressman brad Sherman. He recently proposed to ban the crypt within the jurisdiction of the country, as Bitcoin can shake the status of the dollar as the single world currency.

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