Take a look initial on the battery cover smartphone by Apple is for iPhone 11, 11, Pro 11, Pro Max

We mentioned in the previous plans for Apple to issue the battery cover Smart Battery Case official from Apple for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. In the iOS version 13.2, we got a first look at the cover of the new coming from Apple.

Looks like this cover as we would expect, with a larger aperture for the camera, but in general quite similar to the model of the previous year.

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Judging from the version of the AirPods Pro earlier in the day yesterday, it looks like we may see a week full of new releases from Apple.

Take a look at the battery cover smart Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 11:

غطاء البطارية الذكي من آبل لهواتف iPhone 11

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