Taiwanese government make it difficult for the company ZTE is important to get the ingredients

ZTE Company

Frequency in the recent past that the company ZTE has faced some problems in the United States of America where it is because of the export ban, you will not be able to the company to import components from U.S. companies such as Qualcomm for its smart phones. Unfortunately, it seems that the problems stretched to other countries also, such as Taiwan.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency Nikkei Asian Review, it appears that the Taiwan government ordered all domestic companies to obtain approval before they are allowed to charge plug-in ZTE. It is unclear whether the U.S. government has pushed the Taiwanese government to do this or whether the Taiwanese government has its own reasons to make it harder for ZTE to get the ingredients you need for making its smart phones.

What does this mean? At the moment, the company is the main manufacturer of processors are Qualcomm and MediaTek, and this without taking into consideration the companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei that work to manufacture the processors for the same only. However, the judgment of the Taiwanese government, it means that MediaTek won’t be able to charge the processors to buy the ZTE without the consent of the Taiwan authorities. Since then, the President and CEO of MediaTek, Mr. Rick Tsai said that his company had suspended its business with ZTE Corporation after receiving a notice from the government.

However, the Taiwanese government it does not grant any Taiwanese company from dealing with the company, ZTE, according to the Deputy Director-General and spokesman in the name of foreign trade Bureau in Taiwan, Mr. David Hsu, has stated by saying : ” what we do [ to force suppliers to apply for export permit ] was in favor of private companies, to ensure that their business of law with Chinese companies. We don’t prevent Taiwanese companies from dealing with ZTE Corporation…. There is no reason to raise the government gave them a permit if their business activities legal “.


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