Tablet the Kindle from Amazon is available across the market.Com

The store began to market.Com owned by Amazon available e-reader the famous Kennedy via the App Store the same as a shopper from the Arab region.

And offer Kindle devices that support the Arabic language and a wide range of benefits that matter to readers, for example, you can search for strange words in Wikipedia or dictionaries or translation, as well as customize the font, such as changing its size, type, margins, alignment, background color, they also provide Kindle devices the possibility to record and save ideas for later reference and review and share them.

Provides Amazon’s huge library of electronic books for the Kindle, so that there are more than 12 thousand e-book wagon became available now.

Are available Kindle devices in several technical specifications and models, different by 6 or 7 inches with the diversity in the intensity of illumination of the screen free expansion and a battery that lasts for weeks, thanks to the display technology possible with the possibility of connection via the Wi-Fi networks to the internet.

Web device the Kindle Paperwhite is priced at 649 real part X and lower prices to the older generation, while device Kindle Oasis price 999 SAR shop provides market.Pile a bunch of accessories and protective covers in different colors.

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