Tablet of iPad Pro 2018 will retain the same screen resolution, according to a new report

ipad pro 2018

When it comes to accurately screen, but Apple won’t jump already to the accuracy of the Quad Full HD or move to 4K screens in its laptops. This led to criticisms of the products of the company. Unfortunately, if you hopes to be the tablet of the iPad Pro coming later this year are advanced in terms of screen resolution, you may be disappointed I hope to find out that it won’t happen.

This according to the foundation Appse specialized in market research which she said she got the evidence to suggest that the tablet and iPad killer in their records will retain the same precision, this applies to version 10 inch and 12 inch. Is this something disappointing? Usually do not be the case, but Apple doesn’t usually raise the accuracy of the screens of its devices portable without the need.

However, it is expected to get Tablet the iPad Pro coming this year the big upgrade, it is expected to include a screen with a frame thinner than ever before, and identify three-dimensional on the face, Face ID, as it’s supposed to get rid of the main button. Furthermore, the frequency in the past and also that it will have USB Type-C instead of the port Lightning.

Whether this is true or not, maybe it would be better for you to deal with the least amount of protection. However, if you are more than satisfied with the current resolution, we believe that this should not really affect your decision to buy tablet.



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