Tablet hybrid Google Pixel Slate is now available for purchase at a starting price of 599$


Started Google company to receive pre-orders for its hybrid tablet, the new Google Pixel Slate a few weeks ago. Now, some customers began to receive notifications you Google that it started shipment of their requests. If you are not one of these clients and you’re waiting to buy the Google Pixel Slate, the with because that the device new tablet will be available for purchase as of today.

Confirmed Google Inc. today officially that tablet Google Pixel Slate will be available for purchase in retail stores starting from today, Friday, 30 November. The Google company has announced this tablet device detachable along with phones Google Pixel 3 and smart Google Home Hub in the last month.

You will need to pay 599 $ at least to get a version equipped with Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory. If you want to double the amount of RAM and internal memory, then you need to pay 699$.

As for the version with the processor Intel Core m3 and 8GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, it cost 799$. As for the text, which includes the processor Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory, it cost 999$, while the cost of the version with Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory towards the 1599$.

For a change, featuring a device Google Pixel Slate the new screen with density of pixels amounts to 293 pixels in every inch. Has Google improved interface system ChromeOS to get the experience of desktop operating systems as possible, so that the supply system and browser Google Chrome, and resolutely Google G Suite, and with a split screen for multi-tasking also. Moreover, this system uses predictions Google smart to predict the apps that you want to run and brings shortcuts to those applications to reality. Besides, it has also been integrating the digital assistant Google Assistant deeply in the system. As is the case with the tablet Surface from Microsoft, the Google Pixel Slate the new Google supports the possibility of the use of digital pens as it comes with the keyboard is removable to allow you to convert this device to a laptop with ease for more comfort.

Removable keyboard this adhere to with the tablet via the pins private, which leaves the USB Type-C on the side of the tablet and blank for the other layers. There is no need for radio link or shipping. Circular buttons in this keyboard based on the keyboard brilliant device Chromebook Pixel. They are very quiet when you write, use it as it has a soft texture. In addition to all that, the Google company design this keyboard to allow users to change the viewing angle of the screen as they want.

In the case if you prefer to use the digital pens while dealing with the tablet devices, you can use PixelBook Pen. On the other hand, the company Adobe to create a version of the application Acrobat allows you to edit PDF files and sign documents via a digital pen.

Tablet Google Pixel Slate also wonderful to deal with multimedia, in addition to the screen as possible, this tablet also has speakers and a double in the front. Having said that, they are Google gives millions of this device a free subscription for three months in the service of the Youtube TV, a service that let you watch live TV from the 60 network.

There are cameras in a tablet device the Google Pixel Slate, both with an 8 MP camera. As for the front camera are in the middle which makes it perfect for video chats note that this camera has the status of Portrait Mode as well. As for the rear camera, they also benefit from the features offered by the camera app to Google Camera.

Google company dealing with security seriously, so the company has to include chip Google Titan Security in tablet. There is also a tool for protection against viruses. Given that the system ChromeOS is known of his receipt for the updates, this tablet will receive the updates automatically in the background.



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