Tablet folding testify, come LG وLenovo

جهاز لوحي قابل للطي يشهد تعاون LG وLenovo

According to a new report coming from Etnews, the company were LG and Lenovo are working on a new tablet to soon, where LG manufactures the screen of your device new tablet while LG processing device logo to sign.

The new tablet, which according to the report will be a flat OLED as it will be folding was agreed to implement it permanently so that LG have signed the papers already own. According to the report, the Taiwanese LG will supply the screens to buy Lenovo in second text from next year to 2019.

This is very exciting where it should be to to phones, tablets and folding will not be the preserve of the companies with which we developed for this product already. It is the companies that know it is the evolution of phones collapsible Samson was the first to confirm reports that the company, Huawei of China are also working on a foldable phone.

And for companies Lenovo working on a tablet device folding and perhaps other projects, but infopolis alone since the LG has the ability to manufacture folding screens, we can expect a new competitor to Samsung and Huawei.

Microsoft also was expected to believe your Surface folding but that won’t happen soon in the Algarve although the company did not shut the door completely on the advent of this house someday.

Cover LG Apple screen iPhone phones iPhone new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max who come screen OLED where do you think Apple this year for the first time on LG and Samsung instead of relying on Samsung , just as happened last year with the screens of phones, the iPhone X.

Issued company LG recently LG phone V40 ThinQ, which introduced a number of special features to the camera without giving any advantages away from it. And I Taiwanese company of the decline of their sales for smartphones recently with the apparent inability to attract buyers.

What is your opinion on phones and tablets folding on? Do you require to get it? We have participated.

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