System watchOS 5 important update for the world’s favorite

We talked about the iOS system 12 will talk about it a lot the next few days, but what about the system watchOS 5 is an important update for a favorite in the world which help users to maintain their health and stay connected.

Become an Apple watch companion stronger fitness and communicate with the system watchOS 5 coming this fall with iOS system 12, and the possibility of faster access to information with a range of new features include quizzes to see activity, and automatic recognition on exercises, advanced features for running, and feature Direct Connect (Walkie-Talkie), and the dissemination of the podcast, and applications of other developers on the face of the H Siri.

Quizzes activity

Allows watchOS 5 now users support users of the Apple watch others to compete in the quiz activity weekly, where they get points when you complete the workshop activity, with notices of training will encourage them to win in the contest of the week.

Automatic recognition on the exercises

Offer the advantage of automatic recognition on the exercise notice to start a proper exercise for more exercises common on the Apple watch, and adds a balance retroactive to exercise if I start the sport without shopping on the coast. Also offer this feature is a reminder to finish the practice sessions after a period of inactivity in the case if user has forgotten its termination.

New exercises

Added Apple yoga exercises and long to 12 exercise custom, to track The former accurately calories burned active minutes and exercise acquired.

Features ran new

System offers watchOS 5 high-performance features for running, including a new measure of rhythm (number of steps every minute) to run and, in addition to a new alarm speed running provides alerts to the users when being late or offer them from their goal. Also available is a new measure of holistic, speed is accumulated, as an additional option for practitioners of jogging to their speed in kilometer hour in addition to their current speed, or average.

The advantage of direct communication (Walkie-Talkie)

It is a whole new way of working as once the Click of the on your wrist. It’s a fun and easy way to quickly deal with relatives and friends work through the direct contact between the watches is characterized by the character of the person, and can be activated between users hours Apple TV compatible around the world via Wi-Fi or your mobile service.

Note (Not available Walkie-Talkie in China, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.)

Publication of the podcast

Users can now hours Apple TV and listen to the posted podcast episodes of their favorite in any place with the application of the Apple podcast on the coast, with the possibility to run any podcast using Siri. Synchronized loops automatically on the Apple watch, and listen to it on other devices the app updates automatically to get the latest episodes.

Updates to Siri on the Apple watch

Thanks to the technology of machine learning has become the face of the Apple watch Siri Personal Assistant the best, where the tests stopped and proactive during the day depending on the routine and location information such as heart rate after exercise, and times of development with the application of the maps in the right time of day, the results of matches of your favorite team. And displays the clock face Siri’s also content can interact with apps from other developers.

Notifications enhanced

It has become possible to contain notices of applications to other developers on the interactive controls, as can be used without having to open the app. For example, you can modify materials and the number of invitees in the notice of the booking from the application of the Yelp through the same notice.

Students ‘ ID cards

Will an Apple watch replace the student ID card. Freedom of the wrist, can the students access to the library, housing, student events, and paid snacks, laundry, and dinner on campus once you add identity cards to the wallet application on the Apple watch.

Note (will be ‘the launch of this feature in the fall to work with universities in America)

The system is available watchOS 5 this fall as a free update for the Apple TV Series 1 or newer and requires an iOS device-the iPhone 5s or the latest iOS at least 12.

Are you ready for Apple TV? Do you like this new update? Tell us your impression of the Apple watch in the comments.

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