System macOS Catalina are now available

I’ve been launching the latest version of the operating system macOS known as macOS Catalina. As mentioned, this version includes many new features, including ميزةApple Arcade your Mac and features a voice control feature Atlantis. Moreover, we added feature to Catalyst, which allows developers to create versions of macOS apps iPad.

He also added some modifications to the service and the iTunes with this version, as it was divided iTunes to the Apple Music and Apple Podcasts and Apple TV, just like what we see on iOS and iPadOS.

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And Apple will Arcade as a tab in متجرMac App, it will also version of the Catalina support controllers Xbox One (if equipped with Bluetooth) controllers PlayStation DualShock 4.

Moreover, it will feature Atlantis owners of Mac use iPad as a second screen and use Apple Pencil as a highlighter in Apple’s own applications or programs of the Foreign Affairs, which has been updated to allow you to enter the pen.

As for voice control, they are similar to the control feature found on the iOS system, since it has the advantage of being accessed and using the model to identify your dog conduct to allow voice commands.

As for Catalyst, it has Apple has announced that versions of Twitter and GoodNotes and TripIt and Post-it and Morpholio Board and Rosetta Stone, and Jira and Proloquo2Go and other special devices iPad, will be available on the store Mac App, starting today.

There are also some security updates, including operating system which runs on “a volume dedicated read-only” to keep it separately from other data.

Other features include in Catalina feature Screen Time to show the amount of time that users spend in certain apps Mac. It also combines the application of Find My Now between Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

Is available version of macOS Catalina on the following devices:

  • Devices MacBook from 2016 and beyond
  • Devices MacBook Pro وMacBook Air from 2012 and beyond
  • Devices iMac from 2012 and beyond
  • Devices iMac Pro from 2017 and beyond
  • Mac Mini 2012 and later
  • Mac Pro from 2013 and beyond


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