System KaiOS will get additional features, and new designs, and new markets this year

KaiOS Technologies

Depends KaiOS is already the third most popular operating system for mobile phones, it now works on more than 100 million mobile phones with an ambitious goal is to reach a million users in the coming years. Just last month I got the company that oversees the development of this system to additional funding from the likes of TCL and Google, which also brought some of its services, including Google Search, Google Maps and Youtube to the system KaiOS. Entered the company KaiOS Technologies already in partnership with technology companies such as Facebook and Qualcomm looks forward to shopping for new designs and Markets different in 2019.

The CEO KaiOS Technologies, Mr. Sebastien Codevill detail the vision of the company for the next year, a vision which includes improving the performance on devices low current. Explained Mr. Sebastien Codeville that the software engineers at the company are working hard to add multitasking and tabbed browsing to get the usage experience better and more useful like the ones you get on your smartphone.

The other feature required very is a property of copy and paste which is also will be part of future updates. In addition, the company operates KaiOS Technologies also on new projects for automation with its key partners, which aims to improve the performance of the devices and enhance security. The company plans to use its own operating system in the devices with new designs, with more services developed in the second half of the year 2019.

Hand market, explained Mr. Sebastien Codevill that the devices KaiOS coming to more countries throughout Africa and the Middle East along with Latin American markets, particular in Asia in the second quarter of this year. Will be Brazil, Mexico and the launch of the first phones KaiOS this summer, there will be an opportunity for users in the United States also to buy mobile phones equipped with KaiOS in the coming months.

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