System iOS are on the rise in the Saudi market and Android fall

It seems that the share of iOS is increasing since several months in the Saudi market, according to company statistics, the analysis of the global StatCounter.

Features iOS many of the features that purify the rival Android platform, beside that it is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad, would provide experience of the performance series for many devices that differ in their specifications; and thanks to the support of Apple’s hardware system update for the average 5 years after its launch.

In contrast, we find that Android designed for phones pixels, taking into account the hundreds of other devices that support the system updates the average two years after its launch.

By reference to the statistics of StatCounter, they have begun to share iOS to thrive in the Saudi market since the April to July 2018 − by the numbers: the share of iOS from 23.7% to 30.5% during the same period.

After a decline to 29.9% during August, usually the share of iOS increased since September which saw the announcement of the latest iPhone and the camera October which was announced the iPad Pro, hitting the share system to 36.1% in last November.

See on the chart, it seems that increasing the share of iOS was not always opposed to the lower share of Android, but in return for the withdrawal of the other systems of the Saudi market. However, the decreased share of Android at a rate of 2.2% through last October, to share is 63.22% of the Saudi market.

It is worth noting that what is made in the report refers not necessarily to increase the share of the iPhone compared to Android phones, but increase the share of iPhone, iPad, and with phones and tablets that include Android.

Source: StatCounter

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