System Harmony OS needs to years to compete with Android

Since the implementation of the U.S. ban on Huawei has become the giant Chinese alliance on more than one front and solve a large number of problems the most notable problem of all is the loss of phones, services and products of Google which have negatively impacted on her phone last dead 30 pro.

The fact that the phone is like dead. 30 Pro is not able to have access to the services and products of Google, including the Play Store itself helped greatly on the installation of the success of the phone that the company didn’t call up for the world Act by the Chinese, because the Chinese market does not need the services of a Google of foundation.

It was the only solution to Huawei for this problem is the development of the operating system is able to replace the Android system as well as the development of applications and services able to replace those offered by Google, has stated previously one of the managers of Huawei, which Richard Yu that the Harmon would be ready to work in the year 2020.

According to reports and recent statements which came out from Huawei itself and specifically from Joy Tan the development of a system of harmony, in makes it suitable for Android is the process you will need for a very long time which may be up for a few years! Especially that the users of the Europeans, Arabs and some Asians are accustomed to the services of Google and they change with great difficulty.

Source: Beebom

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