System Fuchsia … is it an alternative to Android?

System Fuchsia is one of the operating systems are open source which was recently detected, and it is possible to replace this system systems Android and Chrome OS in the future as a unified system to any product of Google, does this happen?

Released new report calls coming from inside the halls of Google as trying to enlighten us on what the status of the system currently and Google to the future and that he faces. According to Bloomberg company Google is working on the development of the system of the Fuchsia to be a system that works on all Google products and a great balance with the interactions sound artificial intelligence in addition to providing greater security to the user.

According to the report the talk from Google will be on the phones pixel camera and all the products that are running Chrome OS in addition to all of the phones that were for Android. Development is the biggest goal for Google this time, according to the report, which indicates that the system could be on automotive systems, TVs, as possible to feel your excitement on the computers.

The report says that, according to one source, the company is currently focused on bringing the system to Smart Home Products and specifically over the next three years before changing its focus to be on the laptops, and end up focusing on making the system an alternative to android on smartphones.

According to the CEO of Google didn’t stop on the road map until now, however, according to the report of the backers of the system and his team use are 100 people just so far, which sees a lot of those inside google it’s the future, which will end homelessness for systems located in Google.

But despite all these ambitions, the report refers to the other side of the development of the system which concerns some changes, such as the relationship with Google when replacing the Android and change after the People’s tyrant regime currently. Any effects on the Android platform could affect Google in various forms, including its bulk is ads.

Do you think replacing the system is the new Google Android system in the future?

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