Symantec publishes forecast the Cyber Security Act of 2019

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سيمانتك تنشر توقعات الأمن السيبراني لعام 2019

The company is seeking a Symantec Symantec to explore key trends in security and privacy in cyber world is expected during the next year, we today in front of a large number of indicators that are highlighted by events during the past 12 months, has continued to cyber attacks to pass their information systems and websites of leading companies in the world this year, which will continue to believe the scene inevitably through 2019.

And reviewed a lot of information systems are subsidiaries of companies known worldwide in 2018 for a number of breakthroughs, which was highlighted in the most serious of which piracy data of the company “costs” Exactis specialized in marketing, collecting data, where it turns out that the hack process included the database of the company, which include about 340 million records personally.

The year 2018, in addition to attacks for enterprise networks, the threats cyber increasing a number of objectives and persons, in terms of social networks, it has adopted the Facebook platform to penetrate the data of nearly 30 million users, where groups from several states of use of various means, such as attacks and collect data, with the aim of access the confidential records of the company and the sensitive infrastructure of the institutions of government.

While on a personal level to the users data breach of 150 million user in a data network company Under Armour for the account of the health status of MyFitnessPal, and we try in the following report shed light on the expectations of the company Symantec on the level of cyber security in the next year, along with asking some directions and activities expected by the year 2019 and beyond, which potentially affect the information network of companies, government institutions and individuals.

Pirates exploit artificial intelligence systems to enhance their attacks

Started artificial intelligence techniques to bear fruit at the commercial level over the last few years, and that through the use of systems managed by these techniques in the operations of your company, so that I didn’t expect her role at do the job that was done manually and the decision-making process and from other human activities, but the role of these techniques has emerged also in the design of the cyber attack, on the grounds that artificial intelligence systems are the incubator of the massive amounts of data.

The researchers warned in the field of information security are increasingly vulnerable systems these techniques about malicious software attacks, which can affect their performance and operations, which is the same expected to continue through 2019, is also expected to use the sensitivity of the artificial intelligence systems as targets, which show the same experienced by the web 20 years ago, which attracted the attention of Pirates, especially after the spread of e-commerce.

Not only the seriousness of these attacks on just the targeting systems of artificial intelligence, but is expected to bless the pirates using these techniques with the aim of strengthening their capabilities to penetration, by exploring the gaps were not known to have by and breaking, as well as sold the Pirates to use artificial intelligence to carry out operations e-mail phishing and other attacks on social networks in a more complex, sending video files or voice mail messages are designed with the rhythm of the victims.

You can use the technique of artificial intelligence in the campaigns of false look realistic, for example the production of a video fake one of the senior officials with what he knows about the incurred financial loss or the penetration of large information systems, or other important news, no doubt to spread such kind of news that would affect the reputation of any company before standing on the truth of the matter.

In time you can currently purchase the means and tools to hack with ease via the internet, and then launch new attacks, Symantec Corporation expects that the available hack tools by artificial intelligence to launch sophisticated attacks, in the shadow of possibilities that characterize these techniques and attacks automated high availability, which requires considerable effort and high cost in the past, such tools can make the waging of any piracy new not expensive at all.

Protection from piracy and secure the gaps will increasingly depend on artificial intelligence

In spite of concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in the hacking, only that there is a positive aspect in the use of this technology for protection, this comes at a time that systems use to identify threats, methods of machine learning with the aim of identifying new threats in full.

This means that the use of artificial intelligence is not limited to-piracy operations and penetrate gaps in the network, but the software protection can also rely on this technique to enhance their capacity to improve systems and network against such attempts.

And the systems that trading artificial intelligence to perform simulation attacks hacking an electronic targeting an organization’s network over a period of so that it is test their capabilities on the design of intrusion detection and fill in the gaps by accessed by a hacker.

It can be said that artificial intelligence and other technologies will play a role in helping individuals to strengthen the protection of their privacy in the digital world, so that artificial intelligence can be integrated into mobile devices to visualize the warnings in case their device for any potential threats.

And your phone directs you to add the property authentication is a two-step adoption of health data, can over time help pads protection based on artificial intelligence in raising the awareness of users on concessions when they make about their personal data in exchange for use of the application or other features to help.

Expanding the deployment of fifth-generation networks increases the scope of the hacking of electronic

Year saw the current begin installing infrastructure networks of the fifth generation paving the proliferation of the operations of these networks in the year 2019, and in the time that it will take a period of time the proliferation of fifth-generation networks, phones and other associated devices on a large scale, the expansion in the use of these devices is expected to be covered rapidly.

And Foundation market research idc IDC 2019 as a year difference at the level of networks of the fifth generation, where you expect to grow the size of the fifth-generation networks and associated infrastructure of 528 billion USD in 2018 to reach 26 million in 2022, representing an annual growth of rate of 118%.

Although smartphones are the area of focus for the networks of the fifth generation, but that the limited numbers of phones are based on this type of network needs to be is it mainstream in the next year, in the framework of the efforts of service providers, the fifth generation of the communications in order to expand the scope of these networks, some of these institutions to provide contact points for cell phones and videos, a home equipped to deal with signals of such networks.

Given that the data rate of the fifth-generation networks is 10 GB per second, it would represent a process of moving towards these networks operating models, modern structures and modern, and then will arise new security flaws also, there will be more devices to the Internet of things with the fifth-generation to these networks automatically, and the Wi-Fi networks, which would make these devices more vulnerable to intrusion detection and direct by pirates.

For internet users in homes, you’ll become a matter of observing all the supported devices on the Internet of things more difficult, as they take space away from the main signal, in a broader sense the scope of, the storage of the vast amounts of data or transfer them to the platforms cloud storage easily would make her easy prey for a pirate.

New attacks are more dangerous and are targeting devices based on Internet of things

Last few years have witnessed widespread in the number of denial of service attacks that hit tens of thousands of devices with the Internet of things, where the Pirates this kind of attack to send the file in large numbers to disrupt traffic on the websites of the victims, although these attacks did not get the attention of the media enough recently, but they still continue their activity.

They will continue to attack the source of threat in the coming years, where the company expects Symantec to be targeting more of the devices of the Internet of things with gaps vulnerable for other malicious purposes, and between the attacks the most threatening are those that form a link between the digital and physical world, including the supported devices on traffic such as cars and other vehicles, including what is achieved in the systems account, which we expect an increase in the number of attacks that target, especially for attacks that affect control systems in the infrastructure such as stations, power distribution and communication networks.

With the increasing proliferation of devices the Internet of things home, it is likely that the increasing attempts to protect her in the future, as we can see by a state to disable devices thermostat household of another state from enemies during the cold winter period.

Increasing piracy data in transit

Expect to see an increase in the number of cases of hacking of data by following the new methods to exploit the signal of Wi-Fi household devices and other technology internet of things, which are consistent with the level of insurance, and one of the processes of exploitation that occur already in the mobilization devices based on this technique for use in mining operations, currency in suspicious.

Expects Symantec in 2019 and beyond have been growing attempts to hack the routers of the reference household and of the Internet of things to steal some of the data that pass through it, it is done through malicious software choose these routers which can, for example, the theft of bank statements or credit card numbers, or show pictures of the deceptive pages of the Internet include Aquada malignancy, which will penetrate the privacy of user data.

This is sensitive data that it is safer when you are in a square today, for example, don’t say those working in the field of e-commerce stores the code CVV card payment, which increases the difficulty of credit card theft for users of the databases to this effort, and no doubt that Pirates will continue to develop their methods in the theft of consumer data during development across these devices.

Saw the year 2018, the number of examples of breakthrough data across these devices for the companies, the group has made Pirates of the Magecart stealing credit card numbers and other data consumer-sensitive e-commerce sites, and through the integration of the texts of the malignancy, either directly or through the penetration of private data suppliers use these sites.

This type is called the attacks “formjacking”, which hit in recent times a large number of websites on the world level, there is also another form of targeted attacks on data in transit, which has been using malicious software of type VPNFilter where the consumption of a large number of waves of the reference and storage devices attached to the network.

I managed these attacks from stealing data and identity verification change the settings of the traffic across the network and data encryption, it and turned into platforms to launch further attacks within the target companies.

The increasing number and impact of attacks to penetrate the supply chain

The longer the supply chain software of the common goals is increasingly for the Pirates, who turn to foist malicious software packaged software supported to publish it in the sites of normal distribution, the scenario is known in this case do the Pirates replace the update file the program approved by for software malicious ensuring rapid deployment of a secret within the networks of the victims.

Under this scenario with respect to the victim’s computer to hack automatically as soon as you receive the updates that open the door to enter the person of the attacker to the victim’s computer, growing these types of attacks in terms of number and sophistication, you will witness the attempts to target the supply chain of gear in the future.

This can be, for example, to vary the attacks bar or change their settings, or add code basic software to the firmware of the motherboard UEFI/BIOS prior to are sent these components to millions of computers, and the increasing difficulty to get rid of such threats, where likely to be of use inside the machine even after a reboot, or even re-formation of the space of the hard drive.

Redouble efforts to enact legislation and regulatory frameworks for data privacy

IPad the European Union in the middle of the year 2018 to the application of the general rules of the protection of data, which needs to be the introduction to more initiatives at the level of data privacy protection outside the scope of the Union states and secure, while the Canadian government, for its part, the application of similar law to this regulation, which is the same orientation as that taken by Brazil, finally, where he is scheduled to adopt new legislation will enter into force in 2020.

As Australia and Singapore has had to enact a law inspired by and the general protection of European data, which takes the different dangers on the status of the data breach within 72 hours, in the training of India to adopt a law inspired by the European regulation, and the U.S. Congress, extensive discussions on the issues of privacy and data security, which will be out legislation during the next year is likely to be of great importance.

There is no doubt that there will be more emphasis on securing systems and elections, especially to the United States to come to the campaign of presidential election of the year 2020, we are confident that the growing legislation and regulatory frameworks that would meet the requirements of the protection and securing data privacy, while respecting that some of these requirements that are not consequences of the reverse, and are not supportive.

The legislation prevents a wide range, for example, insurance companies and data from sharing information fully, in order to identify the attacks and address, so that in the case of the application of this legislation wrong, it will create more gaps New, even though its role in addressing the gaps.

Author: Javier Thomson, head of Technology, Stephen Trilling. treatment, first vice-president and general manager, to research information security.

The gate Arab News Technical Symantec publishes forecast the Cyber Security Act of 2019

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