Swift emulator now supports search the web within the painting directly

سويفتكي تدعم الآن البحث في الويب داخل اللوحة مباشرة

Maybe spend the keyboard most of the time on your screen when you browse for applications, so it is natural and even necessary to seek developers to improve the trade and level, just got the plate Swift you “SwiftKey” which is owned by Microsoft on the new update currently supports the Android operating system, and this new version became the color of support search the web directly from within the painting without having to move between applications.

Yes this feature is available on color other Gboard from Google since the former, but with many differences too, where Gboard supports searching directly from the engine your Google, and the Swift you are supporting the engine ping, why? Of course, because Microsoft owns it.

Generally you will notice the new search tool in the toolbar color, and will share the results directly with any application, with an option to crop Web page and share them as a picture, finally pointed out the team work of the painting that this feature is currently limited in the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy, and Spain, and gradually going to all Android users around the world, without having any word about this feature on the system other iOS.

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