Surveillance cameras will act on the persons of their features crowd soon


If you are afraid that security cameras are watching every move you make, the things could be much worse, where it is equipped cameras CCTV soon with facial recognition technology that erases and food 24/7 within the UK, this move also works on a large number of countries around the world.

And technology development as part of a partnership between “NVIDIA” and the emerging security AnyVision, and the use of graphics chips NVIDIA to run the platform face recognition human developed by company AnyVision.

التعرف على الوجه
Face recognition

The web site “Daily Mail” British, that the cameras are equipped with facial recognition technology that can automatically recognize individuals from their features and their inside and outside, and send the information directly to the device, which works by different algorithms that operate on the comparison of the face with its database.

And AnyVision that the new technology can be its detection, tracking and recognition of any person inside the crowd with an accuracy of more than 99%, and hopes to use cameras equipped with that feature to help in the discovery of terrorists, criminals or missing persons.

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