Support helmet and the fact mixed Windows Mixed Reality coming soon to follow HTC Viveport


Company HTC to expand the support to follow HTC Viveport. Police have confirmed now that all the helmets actually mixed Windows Mixed Reality will be able to access store HTC Viveport as of next month. Not only that, but they can also have access to a paid service HTC Viveport Infinity. It will provide an increase in available content for Mixed Reality, a subsidiary of Microsoft.

There are about 600 apps and games are included in the service HTC Viveport Infinity will be 200 of them just are capable of working in the helmet Windows Mixed Reality. However, this step will lead to increase the number of users of this product.

Participants will be able to also in the service of getting the Featured Content on the service HTC Viveport Video. It also encourages the company HTC developers Viveport to add support to the Home Windows Mixed Reality to their creations if they wish to meet the needs of a larger audience. Thus, this makes it shop HTC Viveport is available for all platforms virtual reality adult.

This store already supports helmets Valve Index and the Oculus Rift. This means that you can buy the HTC to achieve additional revenue from subscriptions and purchases made in-store HTC Viveport even from customers who don’t have the helmets of virtual reality of the company. It’s a good strategy from the Taiwanese company.


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