Support Google Pay extended

The Network reported the extension support one of the most well-known services today — Google Pay.

To become a more significant rival contactless payment platform, Apple Pay, Google is expanding support for the Google Pay an increasing number of banks notes Ro (Ro) on the resource page

Another 30 banks support Google Pay

Full list of banks in the United States that support Google Pay, updated and added additional 30 banks:

  1. BlueOX Credit Union
  2. City Credit Union
  3. Community First Credit Union (CA)
  4. Community Trust Bank
  5. Cortland Savings and Banking
  6. Desert Rivers Credit Union
  7. EFCU Financial
  8. Edge FCU
  9. Fall River Municipal Credit Union
  10. Family Savings Credit Union
  11. First Community Bank (SC)
  12. First National Bank in Howell
  13. First National Bank of Sandoval
  14. Forward Bank
  15. Generations Credit Union
  16. Glass City Federal Credit Union
  17. Granite Credit Union
  18. IncredibleBank
  19. Kentucky Bank
  20. Los Alamos National Bank
  21. MembersOwn Credit Union
  22. Monson Savings Bank
  23. North Shore Trust and Savings
  24. OU Federal Credit Union
  25. Prospera Credit Union
  26. Rockford Municipal FCU
  27. The Village Bank
  28. United Bank and Trust
  29. Wellington State Bank
  30. Wyoming Bank & Trust

Google is among the leading companies in the modern high-tech industry. Many users can not even imagine how it is possible to do without its many products and services. Most of the smartphones, which are the most popular electronic devices of our time, running the operating system Android developed by Google.

Extension support Google technologies means the continuation of the growing importance of the company. Google is probably the most outstanding brand in the Internet age. Moreover, the company even provided the previously discussed feature that allows you to get acquainted with the actual content and those users who have permanent access to the Network.

In addition, Chrome now provides an additional featurethat increases the speed of loading web pages on slow Internet access. All of this means that caring about the technologies of the future, the company does not forget about those users who do not have high speed access Network, which has already become for many people one of the most important components of reality.

In Telegram chat readers can discuss the products and services of Google.

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