Supplier Samsung stole data on folding Galaxy F by the order of competitors

Nine employees of a Chinese company Toptec Co Ltd., supply of Samsung equipment for the production of display panels, were detained on suspicion of trafficking in classified documents describing the principles of creating flexible displays for Galaxy F. it is reported Reuters with reference to the Prosecutor’s office of South Korea. The sources the Agency specified that the stolen information was sold on behalf of a fake company, brought its founders approximately 14 million U.S. dollars.

According to Reuters, the documentation stolen by the staff Toptec, contained not only a description of the principles of production of flexible displays, but even the drawings and engineering models of the future of the Galaxy F. This is extremely important information that, in the hands of third parties can be used to create products with similar properties and characteristics. This outcome, in turn, would seriously undermine the position of Samsung, the cost of research in this area for over five years.

Theft of the century

Despite the fact of detention of employees Toptec, at least one of whom held a senior position, the official representatives of the company say they do not have to the incident is irrelevant. According to them, the actions of their colleagues was their personal initiative, but, nevertheless, Toptec ready to make all efforts to help in the investigation of crime. Therefore, the company expects to restore its good name in the eyes of investors and little to recapture a 20% fall in the value of their shares.

It is not known who exactly was the buyer information about the flexible displays Samsung, stolen by employees of Toptec. At the moment there is only one manufacturer, who has openly stated his plans to release a foldable smartphone and that is Huawei. However, given the reputation of the Chinese vendor, as well as enormous financial resources, to think that he could do this, it would be absolutely unreasonable.

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