Supplier of Apple sounded the alarm due to weak iPhone sales

Certainly, Apple is highly dependent on collectors their devices to only remember the shortages of some generations of iPhone due to problems with the supply of components. But suppliers, in turn, is also sensitive to everything that is happening with the “Apple” of the Corporation: reduction in orders causes a proportional decrease in profit. Therefore, successful quarterly financial report, Apple is interested not only its shareholders, but many partners. In fact now is the reverse situation.

This time about the problems reported to the manufacturer of the cameras Largan Precision, one of Apple’s main suppliers. According to Digitimes, the tech giant’s revenue fell slightly in the last quarter. Thus, the Corporation management decided to focus on Apple’s competitors — Samsung, Huawei and some Chinese companies.

The financial problems of the Corporation, journalists associated with a drop in demand for iPhone — like, Apple just ordered less gadgets, because they were simply not needed. In Cupertino for the first time this year did not report on the sold iPhone, so these findings at first seem quite reasonable.

According to analysts, this year Apple will sell nearly 10 % fewer iPhones than in 2018, however, this is only a preliminary forecast.

It is hoped that the decline in iPhone orders is not due to problems in the walls of the office in Cupertino, and with a careful process of new product development, which requires a lot of time and effort. If Apple really has in store all the “Goodies” for the summer — it is her right. But competitors are not asleep: Samsung has introduced its new Galaxy, certain movements are observed in the camp of other companies. What do you think, will Apple be able to increase sales? Please share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

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