Supplement Audio Adapter HD will bring the outlet of the heavens of the phone Essential PH-1

Audio Adapter HD

In line with what was promised to us in the past year, it has announced the company is Essential today for the Appendix II which carries the name of the Audio Adapter HD, as its name suggests, it aims to bring port headphones 3.5 mm to phone Essential PH-1. Here’s what the company says about it :

” Can the accessory Audio Adapter HD to compete with all types of headphones 3.5 mm approximately and is manufactured from titanium in order to pursue the extraordinary. In addition, it uses the technology of the Click Connect, so you can listen to music while continuing to charge your phone “.

Although the company Essentials not provided a specific time frame, but they say he will be issued with this supplement officially in the ” later this summer “. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the price. It should be noted that it detected the file the Audio Adapter HD as part of the Declaration the widest to buy the Essentials with the MQA and Tidal. The company said that it has been set the phone Essential PH-1 and his support of the MQA so that you can get the acoustic experience.

As part of its partnership with the company Tidal, will receive millions of phone Essential PH-1 to three months of subscription free in the service of the musical Tidal HiFi. For more information, head to the source link below.



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