Supercell the developer of the game Clash of Clans made $ 2 billion sales in 2017

Announced Super the safety of a company Finnish competent to develop games for mobile devices, was founded in June 2010, months her game clash of clans soon took the Hai dai, revealed area the past achieved in the past year, the result was sales of $ 2 million during the twelve months. The Chair reminded the executive of the company elka banana that figures for 2017 is not high in comparison with the previous year due to non-issuance of the company’s new game implementation to see it in the games stay on the market for many years and is remembered by the players for as long as possible. It is worth mentioning that the company, Accel partners invested approximately 12 million dollars in supercell in 2011 and in October 2013 announced the Japanese company SoftBank and Johnny is shopping on the internet, they accounted for 51% of the company compared to approximately $ 2.1 million. The game Clash of Clans and of clash of clans is most famous game company a strategy game that allows its players to create their own world where the player’s tasks the military as the training of soldiers, and attack other players to obtain gold and elixirs, while they can rebuild the defense systems and systems of attack, players can use the chat function in the game and communicate while playing, as well as summon support from friends and relatives.

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