Summary announced by Samsung at the conference the launch of the Galaxy S10

ملخص ما أعلنت عنه سامسونج في مؤتمر إطلاق جالاكسي S10

Draped Samsung unveiling its own detects a series of the Galaxy S10 phone Galaxy Fold, with the launch of three phones key and folding as well as a version that supports the fifth generation 5G smart watch, next to a wireless headset represents a new generation of headset. To hands users a set of leading organizations and high potentials, as is customary with the beginning of each year; although it came earlier than usual. The conference saw the announcement of the company for the sale of 2 million Galaxy since its launch a decade ago.

Here is what announced by the company in its conference:

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold

As anticipated, Samsung has unveiled a phone rollaway Galaxy Fold as it offers a big leap by combining traditional phones and tablets by turning it with ease of the form of a regular 4.3-inch screen to a bigger screen with a screen 7.3 inches with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 Pixel. The phone offers an exceptional way to become applications, where it can be used in Normal mode and then converted to the time large due to the way tablet devices. How can open three apps together on the screen thanks to the technique used by the police in the phone industry which has been having phone with.

And the phone’s RAM memory with a capacity of 12 GB with 7 nano metres for the first time on smartphones with the storage capacity of 512 GB. Comes with 6 cameras on non-public, the existence of two cameras on the side and two in front and two in back. It features two batteries with a capacity of 4,380 Milli-amp, next to the port eUFS to connect to fast.

Comes at a price 1,980$ starting from 26 April after nearly two months from now.

Series Galaxy S10


Samsung unveiled the course for the series of S10, this time with three phones different design for the first time, the existence of extrusion inside the screen but, of course, came the three phones in two different ways because of the availability of dual front camera in the phone to the owner of a potential top. But she caught all the sensors for the front camera below the screen to give the user a greater ability of taking advantage of the space, also contain a sensor fingerprint UltraSonic in the screen in the two versions S10 the S10+ for the first time in smartphones the S10e sensor fingerprint next to the phone. And phones also separate fish as in this previous generation, in addition to providing technology Dolby Atmos sound.

Speaking more about the phones it meets with the presence of processor Snapdragon 855 offers high capacity in terms of speed and artificial intelligence, also come phones Android operating system 9.0 user interface and the new One UI as well as a technical water-resistant IP68. In addition to the support for fast charging technology wireless charging technology, Qi pogo Charger Wireless Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

The detail the other benefits, there are least possibilities of the S10e comes with a 5.8-inch +FHD and HDR10, as he sits in the back with a double accurately 12 mega pixels for each lens, one wide angle and one can export high concentration and great clarity. In comes the front camera 10-megapixel still languidly shutter f/1.9 with its ability to auto focus and capture the image accurately UHD. Adds a phone battery with a capacity of 3,100 Milli-amp supports fast charging. As the Ram 6 GB with storage capacity of 128 GB or 8 GB with 256 GB storage. And color: white, black, blue, green, and yellow canary. Will start price of$749.

While the Galaxy S10, comes with a screen-type super for the size of 6.1-inch and accurately QHD+ supports display technology HDR10+ as well as Dynamic Tone Mapping, and the screen inside sensor fingerprint covers a large proportion of the screen. As for the camera, it comes with a camera with three lenses, has significant capacity and can shoot video accurately 4K and HDR10+ at 60 frames per second is divided into one accurately 12 mega pixel for the deep focus, in comes the second Strictly 12 at an angle of 77 degrees and shutter f/1.5 high sensitivity and optical stabilization, in addition to the lens accurately 16 mega pixel camera is very wide angle 123 degree of opening of the shutter aperture of f/2.2. In comes the front camera 10-megapixel still similar with the previous phone with auto focus and a resolution UHD and the camera triple slow motion at a speed of 960 frames per second. And the phone battery with a capacity of 3,400 mAh amp. It also provides two options of storage capacity between 128 GB and 512 GB next RAM standard 8 GB. Will be in white, black, green, and blue. At a start price of$899.

When it comes to telephone S10+ benefits top of the previous ones especially, features a dual front camera, offering a number of two imaging technology of three-dimensional help in the development and support of virtual reality technologies enhanced and the experience of the protection of different facial recognition. As for the rear camera comes in like a phone S10 as is the case with the screen resolution QHD+ technical support and HDR10 but comes with the largest value of 6.4 inches. And the phone with battery capacity of 4,100 mAh amp. The phone has a RAM memory of 8 GB and storage capacity of 128 GB, in comes the local women’s ceramic instead of glass with two types; with a capacity of 12 GB with a storage capacity of 512 GB or 12 GB RAM with a storage capacity of 1 terabytes can be increased B GB other via external memory cards. Will be in the colors of the previous phone beside having two-color weave-ceramic white and black. Will start its price from$ 999 will be$ 100 in each copy of the benefits higher.

Galaxy S10 5G or fifth-generation

S10 5G

Next to phones Arena, Samsung has announced its intention to put forward a copy of the largest of a series of S10 and this time a 6.7-inch-type QHD+ battery with a capacity of 4,500 Milli-amp supports faster charging, as download sensor 3D extra with rear camera three. While similar to other advantages with the S10 the S10+ phone offers the speed of a very large contact thanks to the technology of fifth generation.

Headset Galaxy Buds wireless

Galaxy Buds

After changing the name of the headset by wireless to the Galaxy Buds to introduce a new generation of headphones, Samsung unveiled officially on the sky is very small which comes led by the open ear almost enjoying with acoustic insulation and water resistance. This hearing comes at the price of 130$ and offer the advantages of high sound from the AKG battery lasts around 6 hours, and also supports wireless charging.

H Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch Active

Besides its smart phones, Samsung has unveiled new generation of their clocks smart launched Galaxy Watch Active which comes in a circle, measuring 39.5×39.5×10.5 mm color black, golden, green, and silver. Avoid the previous screen-type super more protected with Gorilla Glass. As the progress of the (Belt) 20 mm and a battery with a capacity of 230 Milli-amp, processor Exynos9110 with a frequency of 1.15 GHz, and come with Tizen system 4 memory 0.75+4 giga bytes.

And the former techniques of water resistance IP68 as well as falling 5ATM in addition to MIL-STD-810G and can operate with the Android operating system 5.0 and above or iPhone 5 and above. And accelerometer sensors, pressure, rotor, sensor and optical.

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