Suggestion to draft a new law to prevent tech companies from tricking users to hand over their personal data


Is privacy a big problem these days, especially since many tech companies Grand has been tuned and is trying to deceive users or manipulate them to deliver their own personal data without full knowledge of what they share. For example, a Facebook in the past to its users VPN application free tracks the activities of users secretly.

When it is discovered, usually related to the reputation of these companies is to hit a provisional, but as history has shown, the people soon forget about it. However, it seems that the government of America want to learn Corporate Accountability more, so much so that Senator Americans Mark Warner and Deb Fischer decided to put the draft of a new law prohibiting these companies trick users to hand over their personal data.

The draft of the new law, that which holds the name of the DETOUR, and will prevent the technology companies from the design of the user interface, modified or processed in a manner that prevents the user from making an informed decision before agreeing to the delivery of its data. This means that applications such as VPN application provided by Facebook users in the past, should be kept and all information about what is doing by the consent of the users.

According to the senator, the American Mark Warner, has stated by saying : ” years ago, you think social media platforms on all kinds of tricks and tools to convince users handing over their personal data without a real understanding of what they face. Our goal is simple : to instill a minimal amount of transparency in the market remains a highly certified and make sure that consumers are able to make options more enlightened about how and when to share personal information “.

If approved, the draft of the new law, will apply this law only on the core which includes more than 100 million monthly active users, so this means that the draft of the new law that covers basically all the major social networks like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, to name a few.

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