Stunt great in keyboard iPhone Make Text Editing much easier

Brought to the newspaper Mirror the British light on a trick have been discovered in the keyboard of the iPhone, which will change the way in which freelancing your friends.

This trick first appeared on Twitter, which tweeted the city’s specialty foods Krissy Brierre-Davis said: “How could you not tell me you guys never on ploy the keyboard of iPhone is that? I feel like I cheated!”.

The use of these tricks, press at length on the spacebar; and the movement of your finger to all directions.

You will notice that this war will lead to move the typing indicator on the length of the text, what allows you to the amendment without the need to click on the subject text that you want to modify with your thumb.

Said Krissy joked: “If you press prolonged on the spacebar, you can move the typing indicator, instead of trying to pull the same indicator using your thumb chubby”.

Welcomed users of the Apple TV certainly these scams. As a response one of the users of iPhone hummingbird: “this is information that will change the course of life”.

While chirp is another saying “Oh my god, this is like sliding your scissors through the wrapping paper.”

Even actor Jake Wood, who participated previously in the TV series EastEnders, the star of the TV show is Dancing, Strictly Come Dancing, he participated in the campaign to Twitter; describing the tricks in the iPhone as a “turning point”.

If it doesn’t work this trick with you, verify the iOS version installed in your phone, as it only works with iOS version 12 or later versions.

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