Study: why do end users of Android to iOS and vice versa?

Every now and then want some of the users of Android to move to iOS and experience closely, and vice versa, find some users of iOS who are also willing to move to Android, and for several reasons we will mention in this article. To illustrate those reasons the researchers from the Council PCMag interest technology, study and a questionnaire to 2,500 people to explain why you may change the future of the iOS and Android system.

دراسة: لماذا ينتقل مستخدمي أندرويد إلى iOS والعكس؟

During the broadcast the results of the quarterly earnings, often lack the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, at the rate of the high proportion of customers who switch from Android to devices iPhone. According to research data, the conversion rate from Android to represent 15 to 20% of purchases iPhone.

Looking through the questionnaire, 18% of customers made a changeover from Android to iOS, while decreased the conversion increased by 11% from iOS to Android.

He accounted for 47% of the customers who have made the switch to iOS ” they chose it for a better user experience” as well as the presence of more applications, and updates the fastest, customer service in good faith. While 25% of the converts to the Android they have moved into the “best features” such as camera and design, and user experience best also, the prices are the best as they claim.

Among the respondents, 70% did not move to another system at all, and thus maintain their devotion and loyalty to the operating system they have chosen from the beginning. According to the data taken earlier this year by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners enjoy both systems iOS and Android in the sense of loyalty of customers is high. What more protagonists fanatics of both systems alike.

Turns out that it is difficult for companies to smart phones to work to convince and attract customers to share the operating systems they have. We find the companies resort to several methods and attempts to tireless efforts to convince customers to switch to their systems, on top of those companies, Apple company, and we find it resorted to a set of methods of which business, including advertising that promotes the features rarely found in other systems, making the application Move to iOS or go to iOS, as well as the location of the Switch allocated for the purchase of all the reasons that make the iPhone the best smart phones that use the economy.

According to PCMag, the operating system is not the biggest factor in customer choice of smart phone to another. There is a price in both systems this is what is cited by nearly 33%. Whereas 22% said that brand is the most important. He said 19% of the participants in the survey that the operating system is the main reason to choose.

According to the poll also, that among the important points that have been obtained to 56% don’t care about versions of the new smart phones, where male 34% said they buy a new phone when their contract after two years from the phone version almost, said the 17% they buy a new phone only when their phone to an accident such as a broken screen or other malfunctions.

According to the last published on the website of the bgr, it mentions some of the teachers that he intends to move to iOS with all his equipment for several reasons we mention them very briefly:


This is especially crucial in our era. Both Apple and Google have different ideology from the other. Apple significant attention to hardware and the operating system there is no doubt that it is reflected on the price, Fast exorbitant price, and we mentioned in a previous article that Apple sells its services such as Updates, Security, and privacy with the sale of the device. While Google reaping profits by giving Android to third parties for free use of its applications and services, Free to collect as much data as possible, to attract advertising, especially that targeting the customer based on his data.


This is another case frequently argue about her all the time. What distinguishes iOS is the updates slipstreamed, even for devices which have been two or three years. For Android Vita version updates to the manufacturers of smart phones on different forms of until it is to integrate new applications or modified. Only if you use the phone Pixel in this you are lucky you will get the updates up to two or three years (versus 5 years in iOS). And for the record, is not used the latest versions of Android but on only 5% of modern devices.

The integration of apps and smoothness with the operating system

The App Store has the Apple TV is a walled garden which is subject to strict rules surrounding it, and the experience of apps on Apple devices is no secret to anyone.

Customer service

Well, maybe not most users of Apple devices to serve their customers. But if you intend to visit one of the Apple stores, you’re sure you’re dealing with a genius, not only that but if you contact customer service the Apple TV, then you are in the midst of an experience customer care is excellent by 99% . There is no doubt that it enters the part of the price of the device that you purchased from Apple.

You may see Apple a new wave of converts from Android to iOS over the next few months with the launch of devices iPhone 2018, especially with the women of the “Plus” with an OLED screen compared to 6.5 inches which is the largest screen of the iPhone so far.

It is believed that the device iPhone the owner of the 6.1-inch built-in with fingerprint face FaceID and design from edge to edge and the price of 700 dollars is going to be the black horse, will be accepted mutants.

Did you transfer from iOS to Android or vice versa? What were your reasons for? Tell us in the comments.


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