Study warns of Alice” on networking sites, increases the risk of injury in

Recent survey found that excessive use of the means of social networking, especially to post photos and self-portraits “selfie”, is associated with increased later in narcissism, the research found that users of platforms such as “Twitter” and”Facebook” and”Instagram” and”Snapchat” demonstrated a rise in the average rate of negative narcissism by 25 percent over four months.

Studied psychologists at the University of “Swansea” and “Milan” personal changes in 74 people aged between 18 and 34 years, said they were evaluating the use of subscribers to social networking over a period of four months, the researchers found that posting selfies burn levels of narcissism.

Said Professor Phil Reed, from the Department of psychology at the University of Swansea: “there have been suggestions of the existence of links between narcissism and the use of social media such as Facebook, but until this study, it was not known whether narcissists use this type of social media more, or whether the use of such platforms is linked to the subsequent Amaryllidaceae.

The results of this study indicate that both happen, and that the publication of the photo “selfie” can be increased narcissism, this means that about 20% of people may be at risk for the development of these features of narcissism associated with the use of their social media visual excessive.

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