Study: smartphones prevent you from communicating with your kids properly

Maybe you don’t kill a lot of the idea that smart phones gives the person to call socially on the ground properly, but according to one of the new studies it is clear that that might be true of one of the aspects.

According to a new study from a number of specialists in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships smartphones it is not possible to buy children is only, it is possible to buy the parents and make them lose their ability to contact their children properly, therefore it is advisable to use them to right relationship between parents and children.

The study of experience through two different methods. First trade was over 200 people at the museum where he asked them to use smart phones a little or a lot and leaves them freedom, so where was this already. After that was trade s researchers to talk with each person to note that they are using smart phones so much they felt great skepticism about the events that passed by during the day means absolutely losing their ability to communicate with people and with their children page more efficient.

As for the second experiment do not contain details significantly where it has been volunteered 200 someone else to have children and asked them to sign notes for their use of the smartphone during the entire week to note that they face with their children is worse the longer the use their smart phones during the Week Without not explain how the see it.

The researchers emphasized that their experiments confirm that the frequent use of smart phones lead to spend time without purpose relatively with children this increases the the more time which uses by the parents smartphone when they were sitting with their children.

Certainly this study confirms that it is another aspect may have been neglected completely is the impact of smart phones on the parents away from their impact on the distracting small children who tend to use them for long times very per day.

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