Study: podcast enjoy the highest levels of trust between the listeners in the UAE

Study is the first of its kind about the reality of broadcast media audio (podcast) in the UAE for the significant levels of confidence of this medium, currently.

Despite its youth, the 92% of listeners regular broadcast audio (podcast), any who listen to it weekly, they trust more than media traditional. This information comes based on the findings of the company (marquetry flowers) the Middle East and North Africa, which collaborated with the company (immediately D.C.) a consultant to prepare a report to monitor the levels of demand for voice broadcast (podcast) in the UAE.

In light of the global spread of the sector media, voice broadcast, and the direction of 16% of the population at the present time to enjoy it on a weekly basis at least, it will help the listeners base in the UAE with its counterparts in the United Kingdom, as well as approached the numbers of listeners in the United States, which is even now the most prominent markets of the broadcast media voice in the world.

Moreover, the study indicated that 76% of the UAE population are familiar with the expression (podcast), which made some believe that there are (turning point) coming in which (listeners regular) soon the largest percentage of the population of the state. As touched on one of the media reports issued in the UAE to issue doubled the base of listeners for certain programmes broadcast audio (podcast) between the years 2017 and 2018.

With regard to the habits of expenditure, it has been revealed the study that the level of my voice broadcast (podcast) in the UAE constitute the mass base premium, spend more of their peers by up to 26%. It is measuring the size of the shopping baskets measure on their attitude towards the basics of life. As an example, tends to listeners to spend 2,996 AED per month, on food and beverages, a rate increase by a quarter on the other. As implemented listeners to the broadcast media audio (podcast) 25% more on entertainment, and of others, a variety should be to the benefit of brands. The report also showed the presence of significant increases in capacity on the subway have listeners to the broadcast media audio (podcast) in the areas of purchases the lifestyle and spending within the region, insurance and subscriptions.

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But despite the engaged Emirates a variety of features with other states in the modern sector of the broadcast audio (podcast), but they use a global outlook in some cases. The centered base of listeners in both the United States and the United Kingdom, mainly about males and youth, while the turnout of women and persons over the age of 35 years of slow work toward this sector. While the Met demand for broadcast media audio (podcast) in the UAE turnout was roughly equal of both sexes, with increased prevalence among listeners with increasing age, reaching a peak of 60% among persons over the age of 45 years.

In this regard, she said (Cheryl King) – the general director of the company (marquetry flowers) the Middle East and North Africa: “the Middle East has a history of well-established traditions orally, giving radio stations a larger presence in the homes of the TV. Under the development of digital High-Speed who is appointed by the UAE, is expected to become this type of media focus the media key. Must for brands to include the capabilities of Media (podcast) as a strong and successful to reach the consumers active in all parts of the world. Represents the ability affordable growing among the base of listeners in the UAE a great opportunity for those interested in the achievement of sports”.

As I have shown statistical data that 93% of listeners to the broadcast media audio tend to hear the broadcast until the end of it, in addition to being one third of the programs broadcast in Arabic, highlighting the great success of the content in the local language among researchers about the custom content for specific regions.

And concluded The King, saying: “in the face of the tensions in this emerging market, tend to brands and companies advertising is usually to adopt pending the outcome expectations. But the media voice broadcasting offers an important opportunity to catch up with there rising before turning to one of the largest sectors in the media field”.

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