Study: major ICO not bring dividends

The cryptocurrency investment Fund Primitive poll, which gave no very obvious result. According to the study, the situation with the ICO ‘s worse than expected. Found out that the ICO with very large charges never give good returns to investors. Investors also claim that they did not originally expect big dividends.

Co-founder, Primitive Davey van posted the results to his Twitter along with the comment: “We surveyed the largest ICO and found that large fees almost always mean low dividends”.

The treasure chest always has a magical “magnetism” like 40 percent of venture capital spent on advertising in Google and Facebook. The ability to constantly increase the return – key to the success of the founder. Regardless of sector.

Apparently, her tweet she tried to make fun of the cunning founders ICO, in whose pockets and deposited a large part of the funds collected. It is worth noting that this sector is not regulated even in the peak time. Because many scammers gladly took advantage of the impunity and stuffed his pockets with other people’s money.

Van tells us what the ICO provided the data. However, the results again justify the negative attitude of the society towards this sector. This year ICO has brought unprecedented losses to investors around the world.

Cross of death cryptocurrency projects

In September Bitcoinist cited Diar that some of the biggest ICO 2017 lost most of the money from your starting capital. First place in the top ten “losers” took the project Sirin Labs. During the ICO, the project has collected 158 million dollars, but now the capital of the company does not exceed 17 million. 89 percent evaporated.

Projects Paragon, Bancor and Kin also lost 96, 52, and 53 per cent of its market capitalization. This year is already more than 80 percent of the ICO projects have gone “under water”. More data look at cryptodata.

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