Study Harley-Davidson’s first electric will be released in the next year


When you think the majority of us in powerful cars such as luxury cars and supercars speed, we don’t care necessarily whether efficient in energy consumption. After all, the more important focus in these cars have the power, speed and performance on the roads, these are the elements that need a lot of energy. But over the years, we began to see some of these companies create alternatives to ” friend ” more environmentally friendly.

In fact, the company Harley-Davidson specialized in the motorcycle industry for the interest in the production of electric bicycles, which we know she will appear for the first time probably in the year 2019. The known studies of police as a propellant, but in the next year the company will be paid officially to the market of electric bikes, which is what the Company believes Harley-Davidson that he would raise some eyebrows, but thought that would be something positive.

Announced Harley-Davidson announced its plans to enter the market for electric bikes in 2014, when it detects its study of the electrical model of the Project Livewire. So, the company’s plans to enter the market of electric bikes had been sitting for many years.

According to the President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Mr. Matt Levatich, has stated by saying : ” bold business we are announcing today will enhance the capabilities of Harley-Davidson huge and their competitive power. Our excellence in product development, manufacture, operation world for the brand, and of course the network of our distributors wonderful. Besides the riders loyal to the current, we will the next revolution of freedom of two-wheeled inspiration for riders of the future who didn’t think they were yet in the excitement that gives her Cycling “.



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