Study: half of the users of the class know about the blockchain

Three days ago the staff of the Federal German Association for information technology shared interesting data. The survey showed, the existence of Bitcoin knows that 64 percent of Germans, although two years ago the figure was 36 percent. Similar figures are voiced by representatives of the social network “Odnoklassniki”.

Odnoklassniki is a social network of miners

“Classmates” and NGO ROCIT conducted a survey of 85 thousand users of a network, according to RNS. Questions including about the topic of cryptocurrencies. The results surprise.

51 percent of respondents know that this is the technology of recording and storing information, working on the principle of a distributed database. At the same time, 26 per cent associate this term only with cryptocurrency.

There were other topics. With the loss of 73 percent of smartphone users in the first place will block the Bank card and SIM card. 15 percent will apply to the program to search the device.

About the level of financial literacy of users of OK can only dream of.

In addition, users showed high literacy, is associated with cash transactions in a social network. For example, 96 percent of the people will not fall for scams, if you receive a private message with a request to urgently transfer money: 55 percent of users will call a friend and ask what happened, and another 27 percent will ask a question, the answer to who knows only their friend.

It seems the owners are trying to improve the reputation of the social network. The second option — now it has become a resource for the cream of society. Just in case will post a couple of jokes from “Classmates”.

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