Study: Facebook owns the data about 40% of the population of Europe



Revealed an academic study about how much control Facebook for information that could reveal the identity of the users which reported that the major social network raised concerns with sensitive information about the users of more than 70% of the European users.

According to a study conducted by the University Carlos III of the Spanish and recently published the approximately 205 million users of the European countries are not completely Anonymous on Facebook can reveal their identities and defined in greater detail through the analysis of the information stored about them on Facebook, and that’s why the risk of several of the most notable attacks of phishing.

The operation of the system of data protection general the mega European in late May next is hereby imposed greater restrictions on the Corporate use of information stored on customers on sites like Facebook and others.

This means that European law is prohibited by the new companies surfing the classifications of personal information such as political orientation or religious belief, and the targeting of users based on them.

It is expected to continue to facebook fine a huge financial offer by up to 4% of annual income because of the stored sensitive personal information about users for use in targeting advertising.

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