Study: Facebook moving to a mass grave by 2100

Trending platform Facebook to owning a larger number of users of the dead compared with the number of users of the living, so that they may include up to 4.9 million dead by the year 2100, as demonstrated by a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford.

And his Facebook, if continued to grow at current rates, to become a mass grave, the archive of the history of a whole generation, with the expectation of the death of more than a million users by the year 2100.

The study shows that even if you stopped the growth of the organization in the past year in full, it means owning about 1.4 million members are dead by the year 2100, while the number may be dead on Facebook more than living by the year 2070 under the same scenario.

The researchers conducted experiments to examine the growth of Facebook in order to reach this conclusion, and hired out bythe data gathered from the feature of Audience Insights for the platform, in addition to United Nations statistics about mortality rates in all over the world.

The study found two scenarios: one assumes the expected growth of the region since last year through the non-accession of any new user to Facebook since 2018 onwards, while assuming the car the other is a continuation of the current growth rate of Facebook adult rate of 13 percent per year worldwide.

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The researchers found that if the growth of site level to what it is currently, this means that the number of users of Facebook, the Dead will remain 4.9 billion by the year 2100.

Said study author Karl AUM of Carl Öhman: “these statistics raise new and difficult questions about who has the right in all this data, and how they should be managed for the benefit of the family of the deceased person and his friends and the use of such data by future historians to understand the past”.

The author describes these remains digital as part of our heritage to the digital world, and that the problem lies in that the data of deceased persons still exist, and its fate remains a subject of unresolved.

Mixed approach the house on dead people to a lot of scrutiny, the company announced earlier this month about changes to match this approach, with the addition of a new section on the form of a separate tab for all friends of the deceased.

The company announced in April for more tools to control contacts of the Old, allowing the Contact old, after the death of the original user, the management of the account and its contents.

Added David Watson David Watson, co-author of the study: “never before in the history of the collection, such as this immense archive of human behavior and cultural diversity in one place, and this archive will be, to some extent, similar to our history”, and warned to leave data in the hands of one company-profit.

A representative of Facebook: the company, which I don’t agree with some of the results of the study, have a profound respect for its unique in the life of people, play a role in building the legacy of the human in the digital age.

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