Study: bitcoin will become a payment tool in Europe, even by 2020

The Russians gradually start to accept cryptocurrencies as a marginal means of payment used by the criminals. However, only 7 percent are confident that in the coming years, with digital money you can pay for goods and services.

In the future of cryptocurrency as means of payment I do not believe in Europe. According to the survey of the Center for economic research (ZEW), only 13 percent of Germans believe that by 2020, the coins will become a viable payment tool for purchasing the car. The study leads Cointelegraph.

How to pay with cryptocurrency

The ZEW survey was attended by 300 financial analysts, employees of banks and insurance companies in Germany. Most of them are skeptical about the idea of paying for purchases using cryptocurrency. Only 13 percent of respondents believe that after two years in Germany digital money you can buy a Cup of coffee. And 23% believe that such a possibility by 2020 will be available in the US and Japan.

To explain the results that existing methods of payment satisfy the requirements of market participants. At the same time, cryptocurrencies, even two years later, remains too complex from the point of view of the technology to pay for regular purchases. Moreover, many financial experts believe that daily use of coins will increase their transaction costs.

Despite the fact that the world already has more than 3 million Bitcoin ATM, and several thousand companies in Europe accept payments with digital money, cryptocurrencies are not entirely suitable for daily use. I hope in the near future, regulators determine the legal status of digital assets — then the situation may change dramatically.

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