Study : an hour Apple’s smart TV will help in the early diagnosis of heart ailments

دراسة : ساعة آبل الذكية تساهم في التشخيص المبكر لامراض القلبstudy : Apple Watch Smart help in the early diagnosis of heart ailments

Study : an hour Apple’s smart TV will help in the early diagnosis of heart ailments

Data showed the study was funded by the American corporation Apple that the Apple Watch offers to monitor arrhythmia, which may require greater oversight to the possibility of a serious problem in a heartbeat.

Study shows the huge potential role of hardware technology in the health care sector in the future.

He hopes researchers that technology helps in the monitoring of early defibrillator atrial fibrillation is the most forms of arrhythmia common. And increase the odds you know the source of it to the injury of a stroke by five fold compared.

The results of the largest study of the control and monitoring of atrial fibrillation included more than 400 thousand users of the Apple Watch on Tuesday at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology in the city of New Orleans.

Among the participants receiving the 0.5 percent of them or about two thousand problems of notifications of the existence of disorder in the heartbeat. Was sent devices to draw a heart for this group to monitor any cases of auricular fibrillation.

The researchers said it shows injury to a third of this group atrial fibrillation after use with the EKG.

The data showed that about 84 percent of notifications pulse tumultuous make sure later that she arrange injured atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Marco Perez, researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford and one of the participants in the study ”can the doctor uses the information from the study and combines them with what is his assessment… then make decisions about what the terms of issue notification“.

The data represent a big boost for Apple with their quest to enter the world of health care. And have her watch the new ”series 4“, which put forward after the start of the study and did not use it, the possibility to make a drawing of the heart to monitor any problems, and she needed a license from the US FDA.

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