Study: a fifth of Russians prefer the hidden mining of annoying advertising

In mid-June, the Japanese police filed the first ever case of a hidden mining Monero using the algorithm Coinhive. The program uses the power of the computers of users who clicked on a banner on the website.

Russian users are covert mining safer — according to Avast, 20 percent of users are willing to choose mining cryptocurrencies with your computer as an alternative of annoying advertising. The report leads to”Kommersant”.

Hidden mining in Russia

More than 40 percent of Russians do not think about whether their smartphones to be used for a mining, the study said. 32 percent of respondents believe that will not be the victims of a hacker attack. The data do not indicate that Russians are not well informed about bitcoin, analysts say.

92 percent of respondents are aware of digital assets, and 82 percent have heard about malicious software for mining coins.

Sometimes publishers deliberately set for mining and notify users, mostly shady websites, torrent trackers and porn sites. But the cybercriminals usually install the code for the hashing to the site without the owner’s knowledge.

Criminals also actively interested in the Internet of things. Last year vulnerable to attacks hidden miners were 24 percent of devices, and the most unreliable recognized routers.

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