Study: 88% of decision makers in Information Technology in the UAE will increase spending on cloud technologies in 2019

From the perspective that more than 88% of decision makers in the field of Information Technology in the UAE spending on cloud technologies in 2019, according to a recent study conducted by the company “YouGov” revealed today, in collaboration with the experts believe that the UAE government to drive forward the uptake of cloud environments and transition to it.

The study found that included 502 people from the decision-makers in the field of Information Technology in the UAE, that 88% of them plan to increase spending cloud in the year 2019, and that 59% of all participants will increase their spending on the cloud by at least 30%, and in total, 83% of decision makers say that their companies will depend partially or entirely on the cloud this year.

And government agencies to follow up the implementation of its operations and monitoring results moment to moment in order to bring about desired improvement in the services provided to the population, in line with the state’s vision for the year 2021, and in light of the continuing government of Abu Dhabi to implement the vision of the emirate’s Vision 2030, and the continued efforts of the government of Dubai in developing smart city Dubai.

Leaving the company, SAP SAP global technology can Federal and local governments in the UAE, through the transition of environments private cloud to the public, to transfer the supervision of the technical infrastructure to companies for technical solutions, which can improve operations and costs, and easily when needed.

Said Greg Abboud, senior vice president and general manager of SAP South Region of the Middle East, and the cloud digital reached a “turning point” in the UAE particularly in the public and private sectors, indicating that most of the decision makers in the field of Information Technology increase spending cloud and run their operations in the cloud environments in the year 2019.

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He was about two-thirds (64%) of decision makers in the UAE as soon as information technology, they feel comfortable when you start to manage their operations easily on the cloud environments in general. Predict almost 90% of decision makers and technicians in the UAE to achieve saving in cost in working on cloud environments, while 59% of all respondents achieve cost savings of at least 30%, through a chargeback to the cloud.

And SAP is the first company to apply multinational companies working directly with the customer business solutions designed to fit their needs and introduce them in the center of the data cloud in established in the UAE to include the focus of the investment plan implemented by the company over the five years amounting to $ 200 million.

Added Abboud: “can the data centre to the cloud will provide businesses in the UAE with the public cloud as a whole, from the technical infrastructure and even business applications, to enable rapid launch in the journey of digital transformation. It can be for governmental agencies in the state to be completely assured to the services provided by data center public cloud which enjoy the highest levels of security, happiness, and Privacy”.

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