Study: 65% of the institutions only have an expert in Email Security

دراسة: 65% من المؤسسات فقط لديها خبير في الأمن الالكتروني

Noted Gartner research poll conducted in the past indicated that only 65% of institutions have a specialist SECURITY, ELECTRONIC protection, despite the expectations of 95% of Heads of institutions to increase cyber-threats during the next three years.

Said Gartner collects opinions 3160 of Heads of departments of information technology in various areas from 98 different countries. It has referred 35% of the respondents indicated that their organizations have invested in at least one side of the aspects of email security, while 36% of respondents say, by the security electronics are active or seek to do so through soon.

According to the survey, 93% of executives of companies and institutions with outstanding performance in the digital domain they said that the digital business helped them in leading their organizations to adapt to constant changes.

But according to Gartner, the business growth is always accompanied with the evolution in the quality of the cyber-attacks and their size, which requires the presence of an expert who specializes in Email Security to help detect security vulnerabilities and the response to it as well as provide solutions to maintain the integrity of the institution.

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